Thursday, June 25, 2009


There was wheat in the fields surrounding my parents house, and I had just spoken with a couple who had dried their own wheat for their wedding to use for the groomsmen's boutonnieres! And so I decided that we should cut a few bunches and dry them to see how they turn out at different pick times. So we picked three bundles and they are drying in my parents basement - and then we will hopefully be able to pick another bundle or so more near harvest time, to see which bundles look the best when dried. This way next year we will know when to pick/dry the wheat so that we can use it in the centre pieces/bouquets etc. (As wheat being more of a 'novelty' in the florist world would probably be expensive!) - So thank to unlce Brian (who at this point is still unaware that we stole a little bit of wheat from his field)!

The wheat hanging in the basement:

Our Getaway Vehicle!

The Minor Bros are awesome enough to be lending us their old fashioned Ford pickup truck for our Getaway vehicle. Wayne Minor refurbished it (and hopefully he knows we are using it hehe) but Rochelle took us over to see it the other weekend and its WAY better than I was even picturing! I LOVE IT! and its going to be the perfect getaway vehicle! Here are some photos of it, not the best photos, but you get the idea! :D

Friday, June 19, 2009

My Bolero!!

I got my Bolero in the mail today, along with my gloves~ Its soo pretty - still don't know how it will look with the dress, but even if its just an accessory for the evening it will be nice! Ben has already seen it (as I'm treating it as a accessory just like the gloves and my necklace etc) - so I decided to post a photo of it!! I also wanted to send some photos to the women from Israel who made it!

Here is the link to her online store - her name is Angelika and she was great to work with and made the bolero custom to my size and to the example I told her I liked!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Printing Your Own Patterns and Labels!

All of these Bags and Tags below were printed on a desktop, at home computer! I love the little bags from 'Paper Mart' (only $.10 Each) and how they fed them through the envelop setting on the printer and made them look like expensive bags. I could even write 'Cherries' of 'Enjoy' right on the pattern and save the step of the label!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cake Stand and Linens

I finally went into 'Forget Me Not Antiques' in St. Catharines and they had a lot of beautiful things. I was specifically looking for cake stands, a three tier candle abra for the wedding and I found a beautiful cake stand and got a good deal on it. Originally I wanted a white milk glass stand, however after talking to a potential cake baker I realized that the Butter cream icing would be an off-white colour, which would not look good with a white cake stand. So then I decided to start looking for glass cake stands and I found this one and it was perfect. My only concern is its only 10 inches in diameter, so that limits my bottom tier of the cake to be 10 inches, but it will cut down on the price of the cake!

I also got two beautiful table runners. One that is lace and one that is linen with embroidered flower and lace edging. I thought the lace one would be pretty on the registry table at the front of the church and the other one will be nice on the guest signing table, or the cake table maybe.

I also got a full sized table cloth with beautiful embroidery work on it that I thought would look nice on the head table - I would just need to find something complimentary for the other two 'main table' tables.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Lace Bolero!!

My lace bolero from Israel is complete!! The one I liked sold, so she used it as the refference and made this one custom for me! It's so beautiful and I HOPE it looks nice with my dress! Which I found on May 28th 2009! I know its soon, but I just knew it was the right one! And I'm hoping this Bolero will be the perfect accessorie - even if I only wear it for the evening!

In order to get shipping cheaper I also purchased these gloves from the same designer. I thought they would be fun for pictures!

Inspired By This....

Inspired By This....

Our Wedding Day Storyboard

Our Wedding Day Storyboard
Elements of our wedding day!

Collage of Our Engagement Photos:

Collage of Our Engagement Photos:
I finally put together a collage of our own engagement photos. I am always making them for other couples but never us. I am thinking about getting it custom framed (when frame go half price at Michales) and then doing the same square format of our wedding photos. They will be nice custom pieces for on the wall at home and I like that you can show multiple photos at once (instead of choosing just one!)

Our Wedding Movie Poster!

Our Wedding Movie Poster!
My friend Jenn took this photo for us and I thought it would be great to make it into a poster! Great for an online 'Save the Date' or can be used for a 'Jack and Jill' invitation/Poster!

Our Program - News Paper Style

Our Program - News Paper Style

Thanks for visiting our wedding blog! Below you will find posts about our wedding plans! - Photos by Jenn Stark of 'Jennifer Stark Photography' taken at Balls Falls our reception venue!

Photos Of Us!

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K + B = Love

K + B = Love