Friday, December 16, 2011

Vendor Love | Blossom Events

I recently worked with Blossom Events creating a number of different stationary items for a 'Starbucks Themed Photoshoot' that they spearheaded. They worked with various vendors commissioning them to bring their vision of a cozy cafe wedding to life. The shoot was featured on The Wedding Chicks blog and has received great feedback from the site's readers.

Blossom Events
is a Toronto based private and corporate event planning company and, as evident in the Starbucks theme Wedding Shoot, they do an amazing job of pulling together all of the details to make a spectacular event including: Location, theme, styling, decor, stationary, food, drink and merriment!

Another stunning stylized shoot that Blossom Events recently put together was a Ballerina / Swan Lake Inspired Shoot that was featured on Wedding Obsession. Again, their mastery for creating an environment that is fully immersed in the theme and style of the event shines through these images.

As a vendor I can say that working with them was a great experience. You can tell that they are very organized, passionate and driven as I received fast responses and clear communication throughout the process.

If you are getting married or have an upcoming event in the GTA I would definitely recommend checking them out.

Blossom Events: Site | Blog | Facebook


Photographer: Paul Nelson Images
Event Designer: Blossom Events
Venue: The School Café and Bakery
Makeup: Krystie Ann
Hair: Rich Matukaitis
Cake: The Little Wicked Cake Company
Coordinator: Blossom Events
Dress Designer: Lowon Pope Wedding
Flowers: Ruffles and Twine
Groom’s Attire: Model’s Own suit
Stationery: KO TWO Designs
Veil or Hair Accessories: Pomp and Plumage
Models: Kate Sciamanna and Neal Adams

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Custom Straw Flags |

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One of my newest ETSY items are these Print-It-Yourself Custom Straw Flags.

You Choose the font and colours to ensure that they match your wedding or event perfectly!

I design your flags and send you a digital file with multiple flags on one sheet making printing quick and easy. You simply print as many as you need, cut them out and attach them to your straws.

It makes for a simple DIY project that will wow your guests!

These flags are DOUBLE SIDED so you can choose to write your names with a heart on one side and your wedding date or maybe a word like 'Cheers' or 'Celebrate' on the other side.

Check out all of the details HERE

Completely Customizable - Check out just a few of the 'looks' you can achieve for your straw flags making them match any theme or decor:

Want me to make custom Straw Flags for your big day?
HERE to purchase the listing for these Custom Straw Flags in my Etsy Shop.

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DIY Wedding Initials |

One of my favorite decorations at our rustic barn wedding reception (that took place in 'The Big Barn' at Balls Falls Conversvation Area) was the wooden initials that my dad made that were hung on the barn door behind the head table.


- My Dad made them out of melimine board
- He then crackle painted them.
- I choose 'Pointedly Mad' as my font and I made the initial to actual size (Each letter was 2.5ft high) and my dad printed the initials large scale on a plot printer.
- He then used the cut out paper initals as the template for cutting them out of wood.
- He used two strips of wood on the back of the initials to hold them together as one piece
- We hung them with rope that was stapeled to the back of the initials
- The middle initial is the first letter our last name and the two outside initials are the first letters of our first names.


All of the guests commented afterward how much they loved the initials - it was a simple project with a big impact.


Monday, December 12, 2011

I Spy With My Little Camera |

My Latest Etsy Item | These 'I Spy' Photo Checklists are a great way not only for your guests to get involved in your day, interacting with other guests at their table and having fun BUT they are also a great way to get some candid photos of your big day from the perspective if your guests.

The great thing about these I Spy Cards is that they are Customizable - you get to choose your font and colors to make sure that they match the decor and theme of your wedding.

There is a cute message at the top of each checklist asking your guests to use their cameras or cell phone to take photos of the items on the list. Your cell number and email address are added to each card so your guests know where to send their photos.

They click away and check off the list as they go taking photos of your wedding day from their perspecitve!

You can even send a word list of all of the custom and unique items that make your day special so that they can be added to your I Spy cards to ensure that all of the special elements of your day are captured!

For more details click HERE to view the listing for this item in my Etsy Shop!

Happy Planning!
- Kendel

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

KO TWO Designs Featured in a Starbucks Wedding Shoot |

The Post is Up! The Wedding Chicks Blog picked up the photo shoot, put together by Blossom Events, that several of my designs are featured in.

Click HERE to see the blog post on The Wedding Chicks Website.

And Click HERE to view all of the items I created for the shoot in my Etsy Shop.

** Be sure to click on 'View Entire Gallery' at the bottom of the images to see ALL of the images.

Images from the post featuring my designs:

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Newspaper Style SAVE THE DATE

Another Feature!

My 'Newspaper Style Save the Dates' were featured on Emmaline bride.
Check out the post HERE

They were featured in the 'Proposal Story' section of their 'Save the Date' feature because my newspaper save the dates are a neat way to share your proposal story with your guests. You can also share details about your upcoming wedding and even add in a few quotes from the bride and groom!

They are an inexpensive 'Print-It-Yourself' item and can be found in my ETSY shop HERE

Thanks for checking them out!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Wedding I Photographer Was Featured On Emmaline Bride |

Jenna and Aaron's beautiful orchard theme wedding that I took photos of this past spring was featured on Emmaline Bride.

Check out the post HERE

Monday, July 18, 2011

Inspire A Bride |


My Custom Favour Tags were featured on Inspire a Bride!

Check out the feature HERE.

Want to pruchase your very own custom favour tags like these? View them in my Etsy shop HERE

Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Wedding was Featured on... Emmaline Bride


So excited! Our wedding was featured on Emmaline Bride.

Here is the link to the post on our wedding Rustic Real Wedding with DIY Charm.

They included many photos as well as all of the descriptions of various items / DIY projects below the photos at the bottom of the post!

Thanks Emmaline Bride!

Many of the items I created for my own wedding I now sell in my Etsy Shop for those planning a similar themed wedding!

Our Wedding Vendors:

Photography By Jenn and Dave Stark
Flower By Bella's Floral Boutique
Cake by Mill Street Cakes
Venue Balls Falls Conservation Area
Tissue Pom Pom Decorations by Bryar Strutt with Event Essentials
Catering by Diane and Dave Beasley

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fingerprint Guest Books |


I came across these awesome fingerprint guestbooks in Bleu de Toi's shop on Etsy

They are so unique and are a great interactive and personal way to get your guests to 'sign' your guest book.

They make beautiful custom pieces of art to hang in your home as well!

And there are many different styles that would suit multiple events, not just weddings.

Plus, let's be honest, these guests books also serve the very practical purpose of getting your guest's true identity up front in case one of them gets a little too rowdy and breaks a few things, you will be covered as you will already have their finger prints on hand! hehe

The Balloons and Bicycle style would be great for a birthday party guest book.

Balloon & Bike Style

The "Just Married" Car would be so cute to use as a wedding guestbook:

The house with balloons coming out of the chimney would be great for a house warming party.

House Warming Party Style

The beautiful tree option would be great for a wedding guestbook or even an anniversary party:

Tree Style

My personal favourite is the Flying Pig style which I think would be really cute for a child's birthday party and would look really cute hanging in their bedroom afterwards:

Flying Pig Style

And I love the wreath idea as it would be great for a family reunion guestbook or to have at Christmas or another holiday for all the family to 'sign'.
You could even then make prints of the original copy to share with family so that everyone had a copy.

Wreath Style

Thanks for your awesome creations Bleu de Toi - Check out more on Bleu de Toi's Blog HERE

Friday, June 24, 2011

Custom Escort Cards |

An old friend from high school asked me if I made Escort Cards. At the time I wasn't offering any, but after I mocked up a couple of options for her I thought, "Why not offer these to more brides in my Etsy shop?"

So here is the link to my listing for Custom Escort Cards

Brides work hard to ensure that every little detail of their day matches their theme & colour scheme so I wanted to offer escort cards that are fully customizable!

Brides choose their own colour and font and their initials are placed in the background of the escort card!

Here are a few samples of the place cards:

Want me to create custom escort cards for your big day? Click HERE to view them in my Shop.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Featured Artist on Emmaline Bride |


I was recently asked to be a 'prefered Artist' on!

You will find my items in their 'marketplace' which connect directly to my Etsy Shop!

Soon my wedding as well as a wedding I shot this spring will be featured in their 'Real Weddings' section of the site!

Check out Emmaline's market place HERE

Mothers Should Get Bouquets too |


Being a photographer I meet a lot of brides, and I know that a lot of them would say,
"I wish my mom could be my matron of honor!"

Moms are so special and so for my wedding day I wanted them to look like even more a part of the bridal party and so I gave them each their own bouquet.

The bouquets not only tied them in nicely with the rest of the bridal party but they also gave them something to hold during pictures (which they both said they liked, as it is often hard to figure out what to do with your hands in photos).

Bouquets are also a younger looking item to have as apposed to an arm corsage. And on a hot day like our wedding day was I am sure they were thankful NOT to have an arm corsage.

Here are a few images of hows the mom's bouquets looked. They were made up of smaller scale sunflowers and all of the same filler/wild flowers that were part of the bridesmaid's bouquets.

Bouquets by: Bella's Floral Boutique in Niagara Falls ON

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Unique Wedding Programs |

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If you are looking for a unique wedding program that fits your personality as well as the theme & style of your big day, look no further.

These Mini Newspaper's made by KO TWO Designs allow you to have a program that is not only informative for your guests but also entertains them at the same time.


The programs include a 'Top Story' all about you as a couple including several photos of you throughout the paper, along with your ceremony's order of events, a list of the bridal party members, and lots of free space for you to come up with fun ads and sections that show off your personality and the theme of your day.


Choose to do a fun crossword puzzle to test your guest's knowledge of you as a couple or choose to theme the puzzle to enhance the theme of your wedding.

Or create funny ads that are personal to you as a couple - or have an "Ask the Experts Advice Column" featuring advice from the parent's of the bride and groom and bridal party.

Include a special "Thank You" section to thank those who helped make your day happen - Or even come up with a cute section to feature your pet(s).

There is no limit to the creativity you can add to your paper to make it personal and meaningful for your day!


Watch this clip below to see some examples of KO TWO's Mini Newspaper Designs
Click HERE to view more details about the program in KO TWO's ETSY Shop and/or to purchase you very own!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Wedding Slide Show |

Want to know how all these posts, ideas and DIY projects came together?

Watch our wedding slideshow below:

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wedding Crossword Puzzle | New Option for your Newspaper Wedding Program

The newest option for your mini newspaper wedding program in a customized crossword puzzle that will keep your guests entertained while their knowledge of the bride and groom is tested!

Here is an example (click image to make larger)

Want your own customized wedding newspaper program? Click HERE to view the listing in my shop.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Latest Newspaper Program Creation |


Here is a sample of the latest Mini Newspaper Wedding Program that I created from a Bride who is getting married May 2011 in Illinois!

This Bride was amazing to work with and it was so fun putting together all of the custom details that made her newspaper personal and meaningful for her day!

click to view larger image

Interested in purchasing a custom Newspaper program for your wedding day? Click HERE to visit the listing for this item in my Etsy shop!

Inspired By This....

Inspired By This....

Our Wedding Day Storyboard

Our Wedding Day Storyboard
Elements of our wedding day!

Collage of Our Engagement Photos:

Collage of Our Engagement Photos:
I finally put together a collage of our own engagement photos. I am always making them for other couples but never us. I am thinking about getting it custom framed (when frame go half price at Michales) and then doing the same square format of our wedding photos. They will be nice custom pieces for on the wall at home and I like that you can show multiple photos at once (instead of choosing just one!)

Our Wedding Movie Poster!

Our Wedding Movie Poster!
My friend Jenn took this photo for us and I thought it would be great to make it into a poster! Great for an online 'Save the Date' or can be used for a 'Jack and Jill' invitation/Poster!

Our Program - News Paper Style

Our Program - News Paper Style

Thanks for visiting our wedding blog! Below you will find posts about our wedding plans! - Photos by Jenn Stark of 'Jennifer Stark Photography' taken at Balls Falls our reception venue!

Photos Of Us!

Click this image for more details...

K + B = Love

K + B = Love