Friday, July 8, 2011

Fingerprint Guest Books |


I came across these awesome fingerprint guestbooks in Bleu de Toi's shop on Etsy

They are so unique and are a great interactive and personal way to get your guests to 'sign' your guest book.

They make beautiful custom pieces of art to hang in your home as well!

And there are many different styles that would suit multiple events, not just weddings.

Plus, let's be honest, these guests books also serve the very practical purpose of getting your guest's true identity up front in case one of them gets a little too rowdy and breaks a few things, you will be covered as you will already have their finger prints on hand! hehe

The Balloons and Bicycle style would be great for a birthday party guest book.

Balloon & Bike Style

The "Just Married" Car would be so cute to use as a wedding guestbook:

The house with balloons coming out of the chimney would be great for a house warming party.

House Warming Party Style

The beautiful tree option would be great for a wedding guestbook or even an anniversary party:

Tree Style

My personal favourite is the Flying Pig style which I think would be really cute for a child's birthday party and would look really cute hanging in their bedroom afterwards:

Flying Pig Style

And I love the wreath idea as it would be great for a family reunion guestbook or to have at Christmas or another holiday for all the family to 'sign'.
You could even then make prints of the original copy to share with family so that everyone had a copy.

Wreath Style

Thanks for your awesome creations Bleu de Toi - Check out more on Bleu de Toi's Blog HERE

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Inspired By This....

Inspired By This....

Our Wedding Day Storyboard

Our Wedding Day Storyboard
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Collage of Our Engagement Photos:

Collage of Our Engagement Photos:
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Our Wedding Movie Poster!

Our Wedding Movie Poster!
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Our Program - News Paper Style

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K + B = Love